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A Poem for April 22nd, 2023

This poem is dedicated to

Simple Joys

As I grow older, I’m finding that the simplest things are what I’m after …

Having learned much of what motivates people, and trying to find our place within it all …

I’ve come down to a few conclusions based on what I’ve seen in you as you grow up.

We want what others want. That’s the focus of our attention and sometimes, intention.

What we’re doing is mostly irrelevant, all that matters is that we’re doing it together.

Simple joys and selection on whom to share it with bind us.

Thank you for teaching me.

-Your Dad

2 thoughts on “A Poem for April 22nd, 2023”

  1. Beautiful and heartfelt poem! It’s wonderful to focus on the simple joys in life and cherish the moments with loved ones. Thank you for sharing this.

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