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We at International Bubble Education believe that knowledge is mobility.

With that belief, we do everything we can to prepare our students for the future.

Whether it’s applying for universities abroad, negotiating international contracts, making new friends, or speaking your mind, let us help you achieve success quickly and more easily than
you thought possible.
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Personalized, Student-Centric English/Thai Classes

Student-centric and focused on the personal and professional goals of our Bubble students, our private classes can be scheduled flexibly throughout the week.

Our customized programs start at 900 THB / hour for English and 700 THB / hour for Thai.


English or Thai Group Classes With a Student Visa

With 12 classes running per week for English and 4 classes per week for Thai, the Bubble Language School English and Thai programs offer the highest number of classes per week than any other language institute.

We remain dedicated to student growth and the accomplishment of their language goals.

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Academic English Success

If you're interested in succeeding for profile-building and international school success, we're ready to train you in IELTS, Duolingo, IGCSE, IB, or international school curriculum deliverables.

If you're interested in applying abroad, we've two decades of admissions experience to help you with in the applications process from essay writing improvement, admissions essay brainstorming/outlining, and walking our students through the application process.


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