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[จริยธรรม] Ethics

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Personal Ethics, A Sample

As a father and member of my community, I strive to live my life in accordance with the principles of stoicism. This means that I try to focus on what is within my control and let go of what is not. I also try to imagine how I would feel if I lost everything that is important to me, and use that as motivation to protect and prevent that from happening, while also trying to avoid hurting others.

I also believe in the value of seeking out and considering a healthy third perspective, such as that of George and Betty (my healthy outside perspectives). This helps me to make decisions that are based on understanding others and considering multiple viewpoints.

Ultimately, I believe that doing the right thing involves understanding people and their needs, and making decisions that are in line with the goal at hand. I also believe in the importance of fairness and competence in business, and that the best outcomes are often achieved through cooperative collaboration.

Examples of this include decision-making processes that are streamlined but still prioritize open, two-way communication and collaboration. Overall, I believe that by valuing people and working together, we can achieve great things and create positive outcomes for all.

– A Teacher

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