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[ตัวอย่าง] Moderate a Panel Discussion

What could be the potential impacts on business, economy, governmental policies, diplomacy, medicine, science, research, and human progression?

Plan and moderate a 20 to 40-minute panel discussion

The panel discussion can be on any topic and may take place at a club meeting or outside of Toastmasters with the approval of your vice president of education. 

When you have the opportunity, volunteer to act as a panelist for another member completing this project.

Panel Discussion Topic

The United Nations should start a life exchange program, whereby every single teenager must live abroad for 90 days.  Each student swaps with another student in another country and swaps homes & families.  Parents must mutually agree on the country pairing.

-193 country participants in the United Nations

-90 days abroad in someone else’s house

-70 days at school. 20 to travel.

“I would agree that a system of cultural exchange would enable young people of any country to experience a broader world.  In my personal experience, the moment I was on my own was thrilling, strengthening, and freeing all at the same time.”

  • Ms. Soranaraksopon

Tips on How to Moderate a Panel Discussion

Moderating a panel discussion requires thorough research on the topic, preparation, and communication with the panelists, effective time management, a strong opening, neutral facilitation, and the incorporation of audience questions.

  • It is important for the moderator to fully understand the context of the discussion and to be up-to-date on industry trends.
  • Meeting with the panelists beforehand can help the moderator to better understand their perspectives and prepare appropriate questions.
  • Time management is crucial in order to start and finish on time, and a detailed agenda can help to keep the discussion on track.
  • A powerful opening can set the stage and engage the audience, and it is helpful to prepare short introductions for each panelist.
  • As the moderator, it is important to remain neutral and not express personal opinions and facilitate the conversation rather than lead it.
  • Incorporating audience questions throughout the discussion can keep the conversation interactive and engaging. Finally, it is important to end the panel discussion with a clear summary of the key points and any next steps.
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