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[คำพูด] A Rose in Concrete

In this day and age, people are completely bombarded with advice, suggestions, feedback, and criticism. We see so many differing views in one day. What to believe? What to apply?

How to mentor amidst all of that?

How to create a feeling within a person to rise above their insecurities and objectify their goals?

HOW DOES A PERSON GROW IN 2022 and beyond?

I believe that nurturing a person’s abilities and finding opportunities of their own design are the most important priorities in mentorship. Hearing that shaking voice, or witnessing that slump in the shoulders is painful to me, and I work to avoid it, because a person, when standing tall and…upright..they can raise themselves up. 

Primarily, a mentee looks at a mentor as a guide to filtering information, and then the MENTOR proceeds to integrate what the MENTEE learns into their day-to-day efforts…on the way to their goal, their dream.

Or a simple life.

Personalized, growing with each decade of experience.

When I was a youngster, my frustration was directed at the ones closest.

When I was in my teenage years, it pushed at the government and politics. 

Later, the people I work and care for.

Now, ……..at almost 40, it’s…”I’m hungry.”


“The tree needs trimming.”


“That rose bush curved like this will grow as such, hanging from the 5m tall poinsettia secured by the ratchet rope.”

Like the tree, and the cord hanging from the balcony secured to the plant hanging for DEAR LIFE, a mentor builds scaffolding, supportive of a person’s confidence, recognizing their strengths. Some are just a small seed, budding into skills with potential. 

Others are directly focused and specific. 

Whenever I meet new students in the first meeting.

I always ask,

“What do you want to learn?”

The answer flowing forth generally is a bit gray and centered around a keyword, like: …speaking….

It’s pretty gray.

Other times, the person tells me: I have a press conference in 21 days. 


I have an English coding interview in 30 days.

Then, it’s a lot easier to work with.

To conclude with an image…

If you imagine a concrete jungle such as our city, it’s hard to imagine a rose growing out of a crack.

Where every trial and difficulty makes it harder for this flower to bloom.

YOUR, OUR, MY responsibility and duty as mentors to future PEOPLE is 

To make sure it blooms

Amidst any obstacle.

With constant H20 of support.

In recognition of strengths and power.

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