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XSPRING Revolutionises Loan Industry by Allying with KTC

Pioneers in a new world of digital finance, Thailand’s premiere digital asset operator, turns digital assets into ready-to-use cash credit to enhance digital asset holders’ liquidity with the confidence to grow against current trends.

  • On into the future, XSpring expands into the lending industry by allying with KTC to transform digital assets into ready-to-use cash.  Thailand’s first and only!
  • With the ability to revolutionize the Thai financial sector, XSpring, a reputable holding corporation integrating conventional and digital finance, and KTC, a leader in consumer finance in Thailand, have joined forces to provide cash loans that can be collateralized by a variety of assets, launching the first phase to serve easier liquidity for digital asset holders via the KTC – XSPRING cash card.  The definite winning strategy spurs growth against adverse market trends in preparation for the official launch at the end August this year.
  • In foresight of a new, promising promising opportunity, the KTC – XSPRING cash card amplifies the growth of businesses and lending industries through the expansion of a new customer base.  After recognising several demands from digital asset holders who sought to liquidate their saturated assets in a volatile market, the lending industry has leapfrogged forward in growth and the expansion of a new customer base.
  • Targeted to release loans of up five to seven million baht this year, and more in the next three years, the campaign moves forward at full speed.  With a daily trading volume of over 2.6 billion baht, the XSpring & KTC alliance prepares to seize 5-10% of investors trading in Thailand’s digital asset markets, aiming to accept well-recognized cryptocurrencies as security collaterals, and plans to release other types of loans in the near future.
  • KTC shares that this cooperation is a new dimension in the credit industry, aiming to expand the customer base for digital lifestyles.  Growing to obtain the market share to increase the number of members of retail loan portfolios.

KTC highlights the collaboration with Xspring as a new, emerging facet of the loan industry aiming to tap into the new customer base in digital asset-related markets with the strong belief to increase the number of loan-program members, push the growth of personal loan portfolios, and grasp more of the market share in the industry.

“Downtrends in the current international economies affects people’s income and contributes to liquidity issues, are actually undeniably favorable to the growth of microfinance particularly personal loans.”

President Varangkana Artkarasatapon, XSpring Capital Public Company Limited

As XSpring Capital continues to expand significantly in the second half of the year 2022, President Varangkana Artkarastapon foresees the opportunity for business expansion to new revenue channels.  

XSpring Capital, a corporation with a long and rich history, showcasing expertise in the financial industry from traditional to digital financial solutions, has partnered with KTC, the market leader in consumer finance in Thailand, to create a revolutionary financial product phenomenon that will change the personal loan industry by launching a crypto-collateralized lending program targeting on providing cash loans credit that can be collateralized by a variety of digital assets in order to facilitate digital asset liquidation and generate cash flow for digital asset holders.

Furthermore, the downtrend in digital asset values has made this year particularly difficult for digital asset-related businesses.  Currently, there are more than three million registered digital asset trading accounts in Thailand, and many of these traders could be impacted by the current digital asset market downturns, which happens to result in low liquidity rates and an overall lack of cash flow.  With the introduction of the XSpring digital asset-collateralized loan program, digital asset holders can convert digital assets into ready-to-use cash credit.

XSpring Alliances Company Limited (XAL), a subsidiary of XSpring Capital Public Company Limited, has begun the first step of its entry into the cash lending market by incorporating a new alternative collateralized asset type — digital assets.  The partnership between XAL and Krungthai Card Public Company Limited (KTC) represents a strong business commitment to foster liquidity for all digital asset holders in the KTC – XSPRING cash card that enables digital assets as collaterals by late August of this year.

“We believe that this partnership with KTC will usher this industry into a new age of Thai finance and change the lending sector.  Because XSpring is the first and only company in Thailand capable of offering this service, we will turn the digital asset into ready-to-use cash credit.  

While XSpring is an expert in the business of digital assets, we see KTC as a reliable partner and a specialist in retail lending.  Additionally, the market for digital assets as a whole is on the decline, while the personal loan sector is the other way round.  We are certain that this synergy will enable us to successfully enter the loan industry as a team.  

In addition to an expectation of winning 5 to 10% of Thailand’s digital asset market daily trading volume of over 2.66 billion baht as our crypto-collateralized loan customers, XSpring plans to lend over XXX million baht this year, which will be accumulated into XXX million baht in three years.  Consequently, we strongly and convincingly believe that this new business will foster XSpring’s revenue even during the downturn.  

XSpring also foresees expansion opportunities in the credit industry, where exponential growth is highly anticipated in the second half of the year 2022.  

Moreover, a chance to increase the number of new digital asset traders in our trading platform is [emerging] since it is required for clients who wish to convert their digital assets into a ready-to-use cash credit using the “KTC – XSPRING” cash card shall have a trading account with XSpring Digital trading platform in order to bring in digital assets that they acquire as loan collaterals.  

In the foreseeable future, the service will also be able to accept a variety of well-recognized cryptocurrencies as collaterals and introduce more categories of loans.

XSpring anticipates that the collaboration with KTC in gearing up towards the loan business, combined with a strong operational plan under XSpring’s subsidiaries in the second half of the year 2022, will outshine XSpring group’s achievement with soaring revenue this year.”

President Varangkana Artkarasatapon, XSpring Capital Public Company Limited

“This partnership with XSpring adds a new facet to the field of digital finance.

With ‘KTC – XSPRING Cash Card Loan,’ a ready-to-use credit line with the ability to withdraw and set repayments according to customized preferences to enhance financial liquidity and facilitate members’ uninterrupted financial freedom, KTC reaches a new target group of newer generations, especially those adhering to the digital lifestyle.”

Assistant CEO Phichamon Jittam, Personal Loans, KTC


With a contemporary vertical card design, all the functionality associated with swipe, transfer, and cash withdrawals, and the superior strength of MasterCard’s extensive network of over 80 million stores worldwide, members are able to use the ‘KTC – XSPRING Cash Card’ more conveniently in the digital era for those that value quick, secure, contactless services.  Cardholders can purchase online at any retailer, anywhere, anytime.  Cardholders can also use the ‘KTC Mobile’ application for a real-time money transfer to bank accounts in 15 different banks and make unlimited, fee-free withdrawals from ATMs.

For more information, contact:

Paradee Kunopasavorakul

ph. 081-919-4312 E-mail: paradeek@xspringcapital.com 

Suchada Weerasakulrak

ph. 02-828-5732   E-mail: suchada.w@ktc.co.th

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