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The Park Family Rules, Draft 1

Rule #1 We Are Always Respectful And Kind

Kindness goes a long way. Treat each other with respect, and refrain from name-calling, physical aggression, or emotional manipulation. Being kind promotes an atmosphere of love and emotional well-being. We treat everyone with respect and kindness, no matter where they come from or who they are.

Rule #2 We Have Good Nutrition, Meals, and Manners

We finish our food and thank the people who made it. We try to each food of every color.

Rule #3 We Keep Common Areas Clean

Every family member is responsible for contributing to the tidiness of common areas. Cleaning up after oneself and participating in household chores fosters a cleaner, more organized environment for everyone.

We keep our house clean by CLAYGO





Rule #4 We Are Honest

Honesty First: In this house, we prioritize honesty and openness. Lying is discouraged, and truth-telling is rewarded. Open communication helps to build trust and understanding among family members. We always tell the truth. We are honest people—an honest family. 

Rule #5 We’re a Learning Family

We Learn. We’re people who can learn by themselves and with help. We prioritize education: Homework, reading, and learning activities should be emphasized. Valuing education paves the way for personal and intellectual growth.

Rule #6 We Respect Personal Space

Every family member has the right to their own personal space and privacy. Knocking before entering someone’s room is essential, and respecting boundaries in shared spaces is equally important.

Rule #7 We Resolve Conflicts Peacefully

Arguments are bound to happen, but they should be settled through calm discussion rather than shouting or physical confrontation. Everyone has the right to be heard, and compromises should be sought.

Rule #8 No Gadgets at the Dinner Table (In Progress)

Meals are a time for family, not screens. Keeping gadgets away during meal times encourages quality conversation and fosters closer relationships.

Rule #9 We Have Quality Family Time

Whether it’s a weekly movie night, a shared hobby, or simply eating dinner together, spending quality time as a family strengthens bonds and builds cherished memories.

Rule #10 We Share.

Sharing is what makes us good people. What we have is not as important as what we experience. We care for the people who care for us, and good people will come and be in our lives.

#Sharing is Caring.

Rule #11 We Prepare Our Bodies & Minds for the Future

(in progress)