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My Internship at Bubble Language School

In my year online after the pandemic, in the middle of one of the most educationally influential periods in my life, I…

What Did I Create?

I have created a total of 8 Alabrava.net articles and an americanpatriotsurvivalist.com article during my almost year-long tenure as an apprentice.

What Was My Impact?

According to Park, I have increased the viewership of Alabrava.net, causing the website to be monetized by AdSense.

What Did I Observe?

There were many things that I observed during my internship. Seeing how the inner workings of a school showed how much work and patience was put into tutoring. I saw progress, hopes, and ambitions amongst the IBE team as they grow and prosper. I know how to deal with conflict, time management, and formatting by observing the members.

What Was Cool?

It was cool to interact with the staff from time to time, work on my writing, and able to make a contribution to the school.

What Will I Take Away?

I have learned that despite all the obstacles, drawbacks, and conflicts we humans faced, in the end, we will eventually get to our goals with our determination, teamwork, and vision.

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