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[บทกวี] A Poem for December 24th, 2022

I believe that learning how to effectively incorporate feedback is an important skill for personal and professional development.

Understand that feedback can come from a variety of sources and motivations, and approach it with the humility of a lifelong learner, recognizing that others may have knowledge or perspectives that we do not currently possess.

As a person, I aspire to make a positive impact on the world through my work. To achieve this goal, it is essential for me to continue developing my skills and expertise.

In modern culture, there is often a societal expectation that demonstrating one’s capabilities and determination is a source of pride. However, for me, this pursuit is simply a necessary requirement for the process of mentoring effectively.

My dream is to work with global technology companies and contribute to the development of people through collaboration. I believe that obtaining funding is an important step towards achieving these goals and making a positive impact on each student’s (every student’s) future. While others may not always understand or appreciate one’s motivations and aspirations, evidence of one’s efforts and accomplishments can be a powerful way to communicate and demonstrate one’s capabilities…and how they relate to a person’s growth — someone figured it out and now it’s your turn to expand and develop.

My ultimate goal is to bring my ideas and designs to fruition in a way that benefits and helps real people. I recognize that I cannot achieve this on my own and that working collaboratively with others can lead to enhanced learning and development. In addition to the practical benefits of collaboration, I also find that the process of proposing and adapting ideas through creation brings joy to myself and those around me.

In my life, I have developed a range of techniques and approaches to improve art and design.

I am eager to share these insights with my peers and support them in exploring and advancing their own goals.

And so, a poem for today.

This poem is

As a writing exercise, remember that each poem is written to a person.

“To be or not to be, that is the question.”

To be great or to not.

To be happy or to not.

To be [any adjective in the English language], or not be [any adjective in a human language]

To be successful or go see about love.

To run or to walk or to crawl.

To lay down all that you value,

to rebuild it anew for a life.

I think that’s what Shakespeare was trying to say.

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