About Us

About Us

We started in Bangkok with 4 students in 2015 and noticed a certain trend, the students didn’t know how to help themselves. They were hiring private tutors to help them develop skills that could quite honestly, be built with simple Google searches and a little dedication. It’s 2018 now and over the years, we’ve identified one part of the root cause: students in public schools weren’t and aren’t being taught how to use free online tools. In January of 2018, our team began searching for and contacting schools in the local area to propose a regular weekly program focused on English communication, Google tools, and team-building. We were successful and entered into working relationships with two schools: Wat Rat Satthatham School and Wat Pak Bor Foundation School. The first is a public school on government funding and the latter was started by a monk with 10 students. After roughly ten years, there are now 1,001 students. These students pay little to nothing to attend school. The English teachers there do have a hard time communicating in English and ICT (Information, Communications, and Technology) program doesn’t exist. As of May 2018, we have been teaching weekly programs in our now 2nd rotation of 20 students at each school. The first group now studies on a weekly basis at our language institute, International Bubble Education (IBE). At this point, we are impacting 60 lives.

As of 2018, our language institute has adopted the following model: teach the top to teach the rest. 95% of our working hours are dedicated to helping people customize their learning through private sessions and small groups for currently over 200 students in the greater Bangkok area. The remaining 5% of our time is spent volunteering.

IBE will collaborate with qualified teachers from international and private schools. We develop new and improved rationale/methodology, and set up a 12-week program to teach the students (a) basic English communication skills, (b) learning how to learn, and (c) how to find information. Ideally, we would like to work with experienced, international, and well-educated individuals who are interested in making a difference. With this approach, a few key points are addressed. People rarely volunteer on their own accord. It’s only when a person can witness a student exclaim in wonder at a simple satellite image shown on Google Maps that the person realizes what’s taken for granted by us, is sometimes unknown to others. In building the network, it is our dream and mission to create sustainable, long-term programs. The short term scope is that in Thailand, an international school teacher will teach a private class for less than 20 USD/hour. We’ll raise the funds, pitch the teacher, set up the 12-week program, and create impact. Long term, these students can hopefully one day learn faster than their environment permits, and local teachers collaborate with us to build better programs and methodologies.

All funds received will be updated on an open-link Google Sheet form. Our team will be able to edit, and all expenditures will be tracked and viewable by the general public. At $20 an hour, twice a week for 12 weeks, it sums up to $480 per program to impact 20 students’ education and futures. When compared to an international school that may cost up to $33,000 per year, we hope to bring that quality of education to our students. First, we cover our schools that are currently working with us. Afterward, we branch out to other local schools in the area and hopefully spread the idea. Week-by-week, we will track lesson plans and the program via Google Docs (open-link as well) and share our story on Facebook and Instagram for those willing to follow us on this journey of improvement. If a person can’t contribute monetarily, please contribute through your expertise.

“We teach students how to learn.”