To all those experiencing hardship and suffering in these trying times, we at International Bubble Education wish to extend a solemn message of solidarity and hope. We want to say that we believe we are all in this together, and we stand with you in navigating these waters to the end.

With inconsistent at best media reports and coverage, each and every one of us must decide how we will react, respond, and how to protect our loved ones. For us here at IBE, we have decided to use this time to become smarter, stronger, faster, and to attempt to better ourselves.

In order to be ready for recovery, and with the realization that with recovery will come a new reality we all must face together, a world where some things have forever been changed, we choose to build into our students the knowledge and perspective that will help them to forge a bright future ahead. At the same time, new routines and novel ways to spend one’s time at home are absolutely essential to maintain one’s sanity, curiosity, and drive.

We’re in this together. You’re part of our tribe, and we stand with you through it.