Bubble Language School

Classes & Fees

Achieving Your Language Goals with Bubble Language School

Language learners require an effective environment to achieve their desired results. Bubble Language School, located in the heart of Bangkok and online, provides a range of classes to help students prepare for their admission exam, improve their language and communication skills, and succeed in meeting personal and professional goals. Class schedules are flexible, so students can develop a learning schedule that meets their needs. With over two decades of admissions experience, Bubble Language School is committed to enhancing the possibility of your desired outcomes.

Class Options:

  • English Group Classes
  • Thai Group Classes
  • English Private Classes
  • Thai Private Classes
  • In person at Bubble classes and virtually (online).

Private Class Fees:

  • Packages start at 30 hours for Thai lessons
  • Packages start at 30 hours for English lessons
  • Student-centric approach with a focus on personal and professional goals
  • Flexible scheduling throughout the week with monthly schedule confirmation

Admissions and Profile-Building:

  • Training available for IELTS, Duolingo, IGCSE, IB, and international school curricula
  • Assistance provided for applying abroad
  • Two decades of admissions experience
  • Support with essay writing improvement, admissions essay brainstorming/outlining, and application process guidance

Educational Visas:

  • Obtained at no extra cost from Bubble Language School
  • Allows you to renew your enrollment up to 8 times every 60 days
  • Excludes Immigration and Ministry of Education visa fees (change or extension

Why Study with Bubble?

1. A supportive learning environment: Group classes provide an opportunity for learners to network with their peers and learn from each other's experiences. Unlike individual tuition, group classes promote interactive learning, peer feedback, and collaborative problem-solving, which are all important aspects of language learning. At Bubble Language School, learners are encouraged to work together and support each other in achieving their language goals. 

2. Improved speaking skills: One of the biggest challenges language learners face is speaking. Group classes offer opportunities for learners to practice their speaking skills in a supportive environment while receiving feedback from their peers and teacher. At Bubble Language School, all group classes are led by experienced teachers who are committed to helping learners improve their speaking skills.

3. More value for money: Language learning can be expensive. However, with group classes, learners can get more value for their money as the cost is shared among the group. Bubble Language School offers a reasonably priced program, which is affordable for most learners at the highest weekly frequency in the country.

4. Diverse learning opportunities: In a group class setting, learners can benefit from the diverse learning opportunities presented by different classmates' learning styles and backgrounds. This can lead to a broader understanding of both the language and the culture associated with it. Bubble Language School is committed to creating a diverse classroom environment by accepting students from different countries and backgrounds. 

5. Time efficiency: Group classes offer learners the benefit of structured and consistent learning. Since classes run on a schedule, learners can plan their time accordingly.