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What’s a Good Example of Planning in Life, Work, and Other?

What should I have for lunch? This seems like such a simple question.

However, look at it this way. The pleasure of reviewing and looking at one’s options is real. We enjoy relaxing and choosing what’s good for us. I think we all do. In 2022, one has too many options. Dating, buffets, promotions, and the combination of FOMO (fear of missing out on a good deal) and wanting the best for oneself…these are all very time-consuming projects.

How do we manage all of this without going insane? Without planning every single action of our lives?

We humans do not like following a track. For, when we see the track, we see that we cannot go off it. And that, is the main troublesome feeling each and every one of us has had. Therefore, off the beaten track we go.

But, how to plan amidst that restriction to improve and still feel free?

Here are a few pointers.

#1. A Calendar Schedule

Don’t feel like you have every minute of your life planned. Design your schedule for the best life you can have now, and for later.

#2. A Kanban System

The Japanese Kanban system teaches us how to make goals, projects, and granular steps.

There are four key sections to any Kanban board: No Status, Action Items, In Progress, and Completed.

We at Bubble like to add Review/Need Help and Archives.

Start with a line.

Example: Eat better.

As of now, this goal is pretty gray. It’s hard to measure, time, and achieve. In a sense, this is an impossible goal.

Specific – Eat Better. –> Eat a banana.

Measurable –> 1 banana

Achievable –> Anyone can eat 1 banana.

Realistic –> Eating better and eating a banana are connected.

Timely –> 24 hours. You have until you go to sleep tonight to eat a banana.

In this process, if you’re using the Kanban method. In No Status, this project, Eat a Banana, is just an idea.

In Action Items, this banana project has now become something you need to do.

*Critical = if you don’t do it, it’s painful somehow, someday.

**Important = It’s good to do, but we don’t have to do it now.

In Progress Items, you have purchased a banana and you can see it. It’s talking to you. It says, “eat me. this is your job today.”

After you have finished your banana, move the card to “Completed.”

After the card has been in “Completed” for a few days, what is your next goal in eating better?

That’s your next card, or the same one. (If you’re using Notion).

#3. Read up on Lifestyle Design.

Good luck.

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