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team holding their hands on seashore

Valuable Team Member Traits

team holding their hands on seashore
Photo by Huy Chien Tran on Pexels.com

1. Flexibility

It is great to see the readiness of team members to cooperate and collaborate with each other and prompt responses when assistance is required. Striving for quality, being open to accommodate needs as they arise, and supporting each other is what make and build an effective team.

2. Active listening

Active listening is taking time to listen, consider, engage, and ask with the purpose of facilitating good understanding. It values others’ opinions and ideas build trust, interconnectedness, and the sharing/brainstorming of ideas.

3. Problem-solving

Critical thinking that’s respectful, fair, and objective focused is essential for being a part of a productive team. Having good intent from all parties, and keeping interactions constructive rather than demeaning, greatly assists the team work toward positive outcomes all around.

4. Effective communication

To be a valuable team member, efficient, concise communication ability is essential. Information presented in a clear context avoids confusion and misunderstandings and helps keep the team working together as a cohesive unit.

5. Positive attitude

Maintaining positivity helps break down walls that hinder communication and stifle collaboration. It encourages teammates to feel more comfortable discussing ideas or seeking support. And in turn, they may be more willing to help when you need it most.

Weak team member traits are:

・Inflexible – not willing to accommodate needs as they arise

・Indifferent and detached when it comes to others’ points of view, placing more importance on their own

・Allowing problems to linger and develop, rather than being pro-active

・Ambiguous, fragmented, or incomplete communication

・Negative attitude which hinders cooperation

😀 Thank you team members for your great attitude and commitment to building each other up, especially during the difficult times the pandemic brought. Looking forward to bigger and better things ahead! I will be reaching out to team members to help facilitate teamwork and help make that happen. An awesome 2023 to you all! 🎉 ✨

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