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The Practical Interview

The Practical Interview is practical. This is an opportunity for your candidate to demonstrate their ability to perform the job. In other words, a competence test.

This case has three candidates, hereafter referred to as the interviewee. Each interviewee has 30 minutes.

Before the Interview

Take a moment to prepare a paragraph brief on who, what, why, when, where, and how a company-related event happened. Print it out and leave enough space on the bottom for handwritten notes.

The Interview

Take five minutes to put your candidate at ease. Try to find out about their professional training, background, and skills from their own personal communication.

Use another three minutes to explain the following instructions.

You will be given a scenario at our company. Please kindly plan an execution plan for this objective. Here’s some background information on the subject.

Tips for the Interviewee

  • Ask questions about the scenario
  • ASK FOR HELP BECAUSE THE INSTRUCTOR already executed the best plan.
  • Collaborate to design a fresh solution on a piece of paper.
  • Explain that the interviewee will be spending the last five minutes to present their solution/plan/idea.

*Note to the interviewer: check to see if the interviewee checks their work before presenting.


Good luck! We hope you find some good, insightful ideas. This strategy is a common one in the 21st century, where people are engaged with a contest-like atmosphere to generate ideas…a double-edged sword.

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