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QTCG, A Construction Company Focused on Sustainability and Social & Environmental Responsibility


QTCG was established in 2001.  In over two decades, QTCG has comprehensively constructed and installed mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems for more than 1,000 large-scale construction projects.  Our commitment to excellence has not only contributed to the success of our clients’ ventures but has also been instrumental in driving the value of the Thai economy to over 12 billion baht.

With the vision of a founder, CEO Thitiwat Ngurnnumchokethanarat foresaw the potential and opportunities for business growth in engineering systems that grow in line with the advancement of technology and the exponential growth of the Thai industrial sector.  They gathered a team of professional engineers from multidisciplinary fields of engineering to establish QTC Engineering Company Limited to facilitate complete systems engineering.  Afterward, the name was changed to “QTCG Company Limited”.

QTCG is a partner in building a solid foundation and system for both the public and private sectors.  Today, QTCG is confident that we can effectively support the engineering systems for medium and large projects, ready to proudly step forward to be the leader in the systems engineering industry in ASEAN.

In the future, in addition to the development of knowledge, technology, innovation, and engineering skills, QTCG also aims to develop engineering services in response to the concept of energy conservation and environmental sustainability.  

For us, engineering is not just a structural or system work, but a commitment to deliver a quality of life, economic potential, and sustainable environments.

QTCG Milestones

2001Established in Chachoengsao Province to operate a contractor and installation of electrical and mechanical systems by CEO Thitiwat Ngurnnumchokethanarat with extensive knowledge and experience in engineering
2003Increased its registered capital from 1 million baht to 5 million baht
2005Increased its registered capital from 5 million baht to 30 million baht
2005Moved the head office to Bangkok to expand business opportunities and respond to the expansion of customers who are confident in the company’s potential
2006Government Complex Project Commemorating His Majesty the King’s 80th Birthday Anniversary 5 December 2007 at Chaengwattana, Bangkok
2008Increased its registered capital from 30 million baht to 50 million baht
2009Royal Thai Navy Headquarters project
2010Sports Organization Administration Center Project (SAT), Sattahip Navy Base Headquarters, Health Science Integrated Learning Building at Burapha University projects
2011Nakhon Nueng Khet Power Plant Project (Gulf Power), RATCH Group Headquarters
2012Silom Complex, The Ninth Tower, New Tobacco Factory in Rojana Industrial Estate projects
2013Unilever project
201498 Wireless, ZPELL projects
2015G Tower, Show DC projects
2016Increased its registered capital from 50 million baht to 110 million baht,Khun by Yoo, INET Data Center projects
2017Increased its registered capital from 110 million baht to 150 million baht,Four Seasons Hotel, Capella Hotel, Royal Thai Army Auditorium Building projects
2018Kawa Haus project
2019Andaz Resort Pattaya, Residential Building with Facilities of Office of the Permanent Secretary for Defense (Srisamarn Area) projects
2020Siriraj Hospital Outpatient Building project
2021Government Complex Expansion Area Development Project Commemorating His Majesty the King’s 80th Birthday Anniversary 5 December 2007 Zone C
2022Thai Union food Manufacturing factory building, large building construction project Ying Charoen Market, Government Complex of Ministry of Interior projects
2023Increased its registered capital from 150 million baht to 210 million baht in order to prepare to become a leader in the system engineering business of ASEAN

QTCG Vision

Our vision is to lead the construction industry with high-quality, sustainable practices & environmental and social responsibility. 

QTCG Mission

QTCG’s overarching missions as a company are:


Our team of experts is committed to delivering high-quality work that not only meets rigorous standards but is also completed on time and within budget.


We aim to position ourselves as leaders in the construction industry by utilizing cutting-edge technology to streamline our operations, reduce costs, and increase efficiency.


Our unwavering commitment to sustainable practices is the cornerstone of our mission to establish and maintain trust and confidence with our customers, partners, investors, and stakeholders.


We take responsibility for protecting the environment, uplifting society, and contributing to the growth of our country while overcoming obstacles and delivering exceptional results.

Quality Standards

QTCG Co., Ltd. strives to create maximum customer satisfaction through excellent services, responding to customer needs in all aspects including quality, timing, and cost management.  We are confident in the quality of service with ISO9001:2015 standards confirming the quality and management that has been accepted internationally.

Security Policies

QTCG Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to effective standards and safety policies to prevent damages that may occur to the lives and properties of businesses related to people in all sectors.  Therefore, we are committed to developing personal skills by organizing training to provide knowledge and basic training on work safety under the supervision of relevant agencies at all times.

A Message from the QTCG CEO

“As CEO of QTCG, I am proud to reaffirm our commitment to conducting business with transparency and adherence to good corporate governance principles.  We understand the importance of prioritizing business sustainability management that is consistent with our organizational context, and we have formulated a strategic plan that prioritizes our commitment to society and all stakeholders.  At QTCG, we are dedicated to growing our business sustainably while contributing to social and environmental development.  With a framework for sustainable business management, we strive to operate with integrity and transparency, and we welcome scrutiny as we work towards our goal of creating positive impacts on society and the environment.”

CEO Thitiwat Ngurnnumchokethanarat

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