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[POEM] A Poem for January 17th, 2023

This poem is dedicated to

Happy for you

A gang and community around yourself.
connecting deeply
mixing cultures

A work in progress. 😛

What relates to fact?
What relates to me?
What relates to beyond me in other people around me (micro–> macro)
What provides evidence of a clearly defined moral compass and leeway from it?

Reputation is the cornerstone of the digital ecosystem.

Through reputation alone, you can achieve lifestyle design and financial independence,

given you have the skills.

Once your reputation slips, however, you become open to judgment without true understanding.

Make your reputation a filtered deluge. The masses (of data), show that you represent your core beliefs,

your authenticity is truly represented…

They will judge no matter what. But remember, that you can curate how and eventually why they judge you.

So much depends on reputation.

Especially in a digital age.

Make your observations as you go and see how you create your own version of self-expression.


remember, it’s a blacksmith-of-an-event.

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