Bubble Language School

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Our Story

It all began around a portable plastic picnic table…

I landed in Thailand for love.

Searching the world over, I kept looking for someone to build a life with, to build a future with, to find and seek happiness with on a daily basis.

I had found her in Hawaii and later, I came and got her.

Bubble Language School was born.

We started by teaching her cousin and her three friends around a plastic table at a Thai university.

We became small business owners with a simple, but unheard of model.

Teach first, get paid later.

Achieve results first, and then good will come, in the form where sustenance can be purchased, stockpiled, and made ready for emergencies.

Learn about the world, all its tools, and finance in order to build a place for people to come and feel safe.

For it is only then can they thrive.

Whether you work a job, have made use of your advantages, or are just trying to make your business work, we’re here to help.

Teaching online, face-to-face,

helping others achieve their goals,

because in this,

we find our satisfaction in the pure development,

and positive impact we have in our own little way.

As you learn with us and read our words, please know that they come from a place of kindness and understanding,


of experience of the trials and tribulations that make




What are you doing nowadays?

Currently, we’re creating work for those in need.

We’re seeking to build the following:

  • A peaceful, conducive learning environment (phase 2)
  • Group online & face-to-face English & Thai classes
  • Confidence and Speaking One’s Mind
  • Basic Group English class for Student Visas

And teaching people who exist on the same planes, that links do indeed occur, and that it’s possible to pierce through and find ways to improve the lives of those around us and ourselves in the same shot.

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