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“If I were to make a sitcom about a language institute…”

Folks, what if I told you I’m pitching the next great sitcom idea, and it’s set in the heart of the most comically chaotic, yet paradoxically orderly place you can think of – a language institute?

Just imagine it: “Lost in Transliteration”, a show that takes you through the labyrinth of language learning, peppered with misinterpretations, bizarre idioms, and an uncanny clash of cultures. The protagonists? A motley crew of international students and their unintentionally hilarious teachers, whose unique styles of communication keep us entertained and guessing.

Our lead character would be the endearing French student, Jacques, who constantly mixes up his vowels, leading to uproarious sentences like, “I feel in loaf with this bread” instead of “I fell in love with this place”. Oh, Jacques, we’d be loaf-ing around too!

Next, we’d have Akiko, the Japanese student who’s charmingly obsessed with English idioms, but doesn’t quite get them right. She’s known for dropping amusingly altered phrases like, “You can’t judge a book by its shower curtain,” leaving everyone else scratching their heads, yet smiling at her earnestness.

Our tutors are no less. Meet Mr. Verb, an English teacher who never uses nouns and yet, oddly, always makes sense. Who knew you could order a coffee by saying, “Sipping, energizing, frothing, awakening!”? Meanwhile, the eccentric Italian tutor, Signora Parola, can turn any class into an opera rehearsal, with her lessons sounding more like a dramatic aria than a language tutorial.

In the middle of all this, we can’t forget Rosa, the ever-patient receptionist who became a defacto translator, relationship counselor, mediator, and unofficial snack supplier. She’s got the uncanny ability to interpret any garbled message – “Rosa, I need to iron my cat!” essentially means someone is looking for a stapler.

“Lost in Transliteration” would be a hilarious exploration of how we all grapple with new languages, cultures, and communication. The theme? No matter how we say it, we’re all just trying to understand and be understood in this shared global classroom.

So next time you mix up your verbs, confuse your nouns, or get tangled in idioms, remember, you’re not alone. You’re just another episode in the great sitcom of life. 🎬💬💡

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