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How to Improve Someone’s Self-Esteem

22/7/2021 PaulHow to Improve Someone’s Self-Esteem
How to

How to improve someone’s self-esteem?

If I were to challenge you to create 7 steps/tips to improve someone’s self-esteem?
The Engineering Approach = Problem-solving with a destination in mind

One Way to Open:

1. Ask about their positive point in their day as a warmup.

2. Focus on communication and sharing. Humans love to share with someone who also wants to share.

3. Integrate and maintain positivity throughout the lesson.

Premise: Montessori-Observation
Observe your student.

Pose your questions/exercises/activities.

Observe AND remember their responses and behavior.

The next day and time preempt any self-deprecating thoughts or problems before they are thought.

Remember to act without solidified perspectives and judgments.

Recognize in detail with gratitude.

Ex: I like the way you…(reinforce what they do well).

This increases the probability they’ll use it again.

Don’t ask open-ended questions you don’t already know the answer to. Be a lawyer.

If you want to be surprised, provide modeling.


Be genuine and original in your compliments and verbal rewards.

Ex: You can do it.

I hope it turns out well.

The student feels they’ve articulated their thoughts.

Destroy self-deprecating thoughts, phrases, perspectives, and “shoulder chips” humbly, effectively, logically, and tactfully.

Reroute. → recognize what’s good.


Benchmarks, evidence of real improvement, and documented gains.

People gain confidence from finishing stuff.


Mnemonics and leadership

Key Takeaway Points:

  1. Look for what’s good.
  2. Positively comment as a detailed observation.
  3. Surprisingly if you can.
  4. Always be authentic.
  5. Writing notes is good. It makes what’s good concrete.
  6. People need help recognizing stuff, including self-confidence.
  7. Always pose the question, model the answer, and give freedom.

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