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How Do People Learn?

What’s in your knowledge kit?

This is a complicated question.

To begin answering this question for any form of value for us, let’s start with a few definitions.

Now, please note these are my personal definitions as I attempt to write with complete focus — every character of this article has been typed by my fingers for our readers…you.

What is learning?

I believe that learning is a process in which people apply the scientific process inherently and naturally — with modifications as they go through life. Human memory is divided into sections where we’re amazing at associating information in an organized way (personally) for facts and static information. The other section is much more experiential and combines multiple areas within one’s brain to create more solidified behavioral and decision-making patterns.

Learning starts with observing the world around you and seeing what it does in response to your own produced stimuli.

After that, a person starts making guesses (hypotheses). If I smack my brother in the face, what will my happy-go-lucky father do? <– This is a question. #socratesyoutaughtme.

Enter the test phase (SMACK –> (crying ensues).

Post-test phase, a person, child, human, and even many animals recall and reflect upon their hypothesis/actions.

A modification sometimes follows. It really does depend.

Penultimately, a person (you) arrive upon conclusions*.

*This is when I am generally wrong and have to cross-check a million things.

Finally, after conclusions are made, due to the nature of the universe, another TWO questions appear to have spawned from the original inquiry stage.

Good luck! Next week (or so), we’ll cover how people learn in the categories of sonic (auditory), visual, and infographic/experiential forms.

Words and actions really do ring true as then blend together. However, the way we see the world within our minds is a series of overlayed images…to be converted to words. While they retain much of the essence of a human mind, there’s always going to be something missing until real application of ANYTHING learned happens.

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