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Bubble Language School’s Attendance Policy for the BLS English & Thai Visa Program

Dear students,

We would like to kindly remind you of the importance of regular attendance and active participation in our BLS English & Thai Visa Program. Attending classes consistently is essential to maximize the learning experience and ensure your successful progress in language acquisition.

To maintain a conducive learning environment and facilitate your language learning journey, we have established the following attendance policy:

  1. Attendance Requirement: As responsible participants in our program, we kindly request all students to make a sincere effort to attend classes regularly. We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, so please inform us in advance if you are unable to attend any scheduled session.
  2. Class Level Sampling: We encourage our students to explore and benefit from the diverse range of classes available at different levels. You are welcome to sample classes across various levels, provided that the respective teacher grants approval.
  3. Ministry of Education Compliance: As part of the BLS English & Thai Visa Program, we are obliged to comply with the Ministry of Education’s guidelines. During the visa extension process, your progress and attendance will be taken into account during interviews, and periodic inspections may be conducted. Additionally, the Ministry may require photographic evidence of your presence in class.
  4. Attendance Sheet Possibility: While we have not been asked for attendance sheets thus far, it is essential to remain prepared for any future requirements from the Ministry. Regular attendance will help ensure a smooth process if such documentation becomes necessary.
  5. Recommended Attendance: To make the most of your learning experience and maintain a positive study atmosphere, we strongly recommend attending classes with the commitment expected of a standard educational institution.

By adhering to this attendance policy, you not only comply with the program’s requirements but also enhance your language skills and foster a supportive learning community.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to our administrative staff.

Best regards,

Bubble Language School Management