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What’s your name? You are most welcome to email me.

I have a gift for you.

It is a seed you can grow. Look! Your seed has become a plant.

How long have you been on this planet?

This is our social media. Check out our Youtube channel for more information on our classes, services, and help.

Here’s a free Google Classroom class. Feel free to submit anything. I’ll read it and get back to you.


Type here, and you can write anything you want in your native language in English.

Where your seed is growing.

Congratulations! Your plant has sprouted into the sunlight.

What do you want to learn?

Using your imagination. you see that there are many ways for this, your seed to grow.

There’s the main route, English, with 457 general to intermediate to advanced English skills along six connected branches: listening, reading, speaking, writing, vocabulary, and syntax.

From each growing tendril, you can see courses in Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology.

There’s a chest by the tree and upon clicking it, it opens up and shows your a mini-window of the digital library with a adequately-sized search window. Setting it down for now, you go back to your life.

Every single user and person begins from the same point: the seed.

All other wonderful things can happen with your plant with the way you envision and store information.

You can see other people’s knowledge growing, other buildings, other structures supported by a system of growing information, checks, and balances.

Once you’ve passed everything a young adult should know, your redwood of a tree now has the branches to fill out, to learn more with help, support, and guidance.

Your tree has become a banyan tree, one of the greatest collective species of trees on the planet.

But now, you need people to help you with your projects, not only to build, but to assess, to certify, and to adjust/improve with guidance, care, and kindness.

We’re here. We’ve been watching you grow.

Connect with us. You could just very well recreate what Albert Einstein did with his pen pal: an exchange of letters about missile ballistics turns in the Theory of Relativity.

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