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Heavy Rain in the On Nut, Bangkok Area on Friday, July 21st, 2023

Historical Flooding in Thailand: Heavy Rain Strikes Bangkok on July 21st, 2023


Thailand has a long history of grappling with devastating floods, with the Bangkok area being particularly susceptible to inundation due to its low-lying geography. Despite measures taken to mitigate the impact, the region continues to face recurring challenges from seasonal rains and natural phenomena.

What Happened Last Night?

Last night, on July 21st, 2023, Bangkok experienced extensive flooding as rain poured down relentlessly due to high barometric pressures throughout the day. The rainfall was intermittent, ranging from light showers to drenching downpours during the early evening and continuing well into the morning hours.

Houses equipped with good bypass systems managed to weather the storm well, but those with blocked or outdated systems were inundated with water, experiencing about 15 to 30 cm of flooding, with waters reducing after a few hours in most areas.

Historical Context

The heavy rain in Bangkok on July 21st, 2023, adds to the city’s long history of coping with torrential rains and rising water levels. This issue is further accentuated by the city’s urbanization and inadequate drainage systems. Over the years, flooding has become a recurring and costly problem, impacting both residents and businesses, and requiring extensive measures to be implemented to minimize damages.

The events of July 21st, 2023, brought back memories of past floods that had caused significant devastation. The city experienced rainfall starting around 10 PM in the evening, which quickly intensified and continued through the night. With the rain persisting until the early hours of the morning, the city’s residents faced significant challenges.

Impact on Houses

As rainfall varied in intensity, houses equipped with well-maintained bypass systems proved to be more resilient. These modern drainage mechanisms successfully diverted water away from the properties, sparing them from major flooding. In contrast, houses with blocked or outdated bypass systems were not as fortunate. With water accumulating within their premises, these properties saw water levels rise between 15 to 30 cm, causing damage to belongings and posing significant inconvenience to residents.

Coincidence with Last Year’s Flooding

Remarkably, July 21st seems to hold an unfortunate pattern, as on the same day last year, the country also experienced heavy flooding, which resulted in several fatalities. The recurrence of such a disaster on the same date has raised concerns among residents and officials about the need for more comprehensive flood management strategies.


Thailand’s historical struggle with flooding, particularly in the Bangkok area, demands a comprehensive and forward-thinking approach to mitigate the damages caused by heavy rainfall. While the city has made progress in implementing modern drainage systems, the recent heavy rain on July 21st, 2023, serves as a stark reminder of the importance of continually updating and maintaining flood control measures. As climate patterns continue to evolve, it becomes imperative for authorities and residents alike to work together to protect lives, properties, and the economy from the impacts of extreme weather events. Only through collective efforts and proactive planning can Bangkok hope to overcome the challenges posed by historical flooding.

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