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A Poem for May 25th, 2023

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“The rarer you are, the rarer the people are who share your perspective with.

In this way, the greater your success, the fewer people you can share it with.”

Alex Hormozi

“Loneliness is a kind of tax you have to pay to atone for a certain complexity of mind.”

Alain De Botton, The School of Life

A Poem

In a world where perspectives abound,
Diverse minds, treasures yet unfound.
A tapestry woven with thoughts unique,
Rare gems that only few souls speak.

For the rarer you are, dear friend,
The rarer your kin who comprehend.
Your view, a prism of depth and light,
Shines with brilliance, oh so bright.

With every stride toward success you take,
The path narrows, friendships may forsake.
For greatness achieved comes at a cost,
Connections severed, bridges lost.

Loneliness, a tax that few may see,
A consequence of a complex degree.
A burden borne by minds profound,
An atonement for wisdom profound.

Yet let us not dwell in sorrow’s embrace,
For understanding lies in a sacred space.
Seek solace in knowledge, rich and true,
Embrace the solitude that accompanies you.

For in solitude, whispers of the soul,
We find solace and wisdom untold.
Through introspection, self-discovery thrives,
And the depth of our spirit truly arrives.

So cherish your rare perspective, dear,
Though it may bring loneliness near.
Know that in this vast tapestry of life,
Your unique thread weaves through, shining rife.

And though the circle of kin may shrink,
The souls who grasp your thoughts, they link.
For in the company of kindred few,
True understanding blooms and renews.

So fear not the loneliness that may pass,
For complexity of mind is a cherished glass.
A prism through which truth may ignite,
Illuminate the world with its guiding light.

In the rarity of your perspective’s embrace,
A gift of insight, the human race.
For the greater your success, my friend,
The fewer you’ll find, but they’ll comprehend.

In this realm where minds intertwine,
Seek solace in your complexity divine.
For your journey, though singular and rare,
Shall touch hearts, minds, and souls aware.

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