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A Poem for March 5th, 2023

This poem is dedicated to

Life is like a box of chocolates.

Said Forrest Gump via his mother.

This means that life presents itself as a wonderful opportunity inside of a conundrum.

Whatever happens, is beautiful because we didn’t know it was going to happen.

What is beautiful, is more so because it is temporary, and therefore unique.

What we do with the time we have on this planet, is the tapestry we draw out in our hearts.

The footprints we leave upon the souls of the people we touch with our most imperceptible actions and reactions,

These are the essence of life.

The Darkness

my first picture in my head?


Like a big box.

that’s all.

The Light

the contrast in the photo between the man’s hat and the rays of sunlight.

a flash from the camera.

cut from the flash of light to…

a place where there are no people.

no houses.

I am with myself.

I see light coming from somewhere else.

as if it’s from another world or realm.

ethereal in texture, and hard to identify like smoke.

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