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father and child s hands together

A Poem for August 21st, 2023

A Poem from Dad

This poem is for []. (Hover over the text to see the names)

I watch you grow up every day.

Your personalities and charm are unique.

I find roots in your mother and myself.

I see grandma’s ears at the sides of your face.

I can see my father’s twirl of hair on the back of your head.

I perceive your mother’s strength and fire in the way you move.

Your smiles empower and sadden me at the same time, a man who’s travelled too far into the future of adulthood and pain to know that…

while enjoying the moment and savoring its temporal nature…

Shifts occur in what I value and prioritize in our lives and we move forward on our timeline.

I realize that the best times come when the air is clear and the sun is bright, when I’m with them in simple activities to drive myself away from the worries of life.

There’s a time nearing my sons, when we will be living a life nearby a park, with simple meals and activities. Simple relationships and purity…building for improvement and comfort…in the best ideals as advantages humankind has assembled thus far.

Live a Life. Be Happy. Improve As You Go.

Paul Park