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[Article Follow up] How Do Kids and People Learn?

Good morning.

This article is a continuation of the first article exploring the description of the way a person reads in a semi-easy digestible format/tone.

Here are the categories in my experience.

  • Sonic
  • Visual
  • Tactile
  • Conceptual
  • Reading/Writing/Making/Doing/Discussing/Adapting/Living


Out of all living species on the planet, there is only one that can dance well.


It goes to tell one that all forms of the ways that humans have integrated characters with meaning into how we store information on a generational level.

Music, lyrics, spoken word.

These are the integrations people can use to expand on what we as a species (and an individual) can achieve.


Related to anything one can see, characters & memories + projections about the future (dreams) represent millions of ways a person experience life…and learning.


Idle hands are of the devil.

Said someone who had too much time on their hands.

When a person engages in activities with their amazing hands, said person learns.


Experience is the best teacher.

Said Einstien maybe?

This way of learning is based on deduction * logic.

Similar to the way a brain creates memory, we see a person’s story creates a logical path with information that either fills the gaps…or does not.

Furthermore, a person’s natural inquiry process expands on filling the “holes” of their choice, based on their day-to-day efforts in line with their macro-level goals/aspirations.

As a result, it is my conclusion (for this article) that people learn from:


Have a great morning,

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