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7 Signs You’re Incredibly Intelligent

intelligence – noun – the speed with which a human being learns a skill, concept, or application of information

All of your life, you may have been looking for definitive proof that you’re different. That simple act, might prove you are indeed smart.

Figure 1.1 The Hennom-Nelson IQ Graph by Occupation

1. Smart People Prefer Dynamic Work

In the first official group studies conducted by the Hennom-Nelson Group in the early 1960’s, the common curve denoted a lower IQ range for the more static job. As the profession became more dynamic, the IQ range increased (see figure 1.1 above).

Note that IQ tests aren’t definitive by any means. The pure range of character-based and mathematics-based IQ tests attests to a very wide range of uncommon denominators in assessing intelligence. One fact does remain true: out of all the markers of success, the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) has the most evidence and research.

Figure 1.2 It depends.

2. You See Patterns Others Don’t

If you ever find yourself on the side of a conversation realizing that you’re the only that sees the connection, chances are, you’re intelligent. Intelligent people see trends and connections in a holistic nature, completely different than most people. Making up 0.2% to approximately 20% of the population, a smart person analyzes and adapts trends faster than their peers.

3. You Prefer Building to Communicating

Distractions are distracting. When you’re interacting with people on social media or face-to-face, there’s always this slight pull that tells you there’s something you should be making. In 2022, you have found yourself limiting your communication to the most efficient means, while devoting time to crafting whatever it is you like making.

4. You Have Adapted to the Modern World Better Than Those Around You

Humans have always been better with tools. From fire to the hand grenade, tool usage is the main advantage that differentiates a person from a different species. How tools are utilized, set intelligent people apart from those around them.

When you look around you, at your peers, their businesses, and their work, you find that you’re doing alright. What seems difficult in applying tools to certain tasks and ways to earn income, are seemingly effortless to you while they prove to be incredible challenges for others.

5. You’re Happier Working without Distractions

Studies show that people are indeed happier when they spend time with their friends and family. However, in studies conducted on university campuses, those people classified as “highly intelligent” reported they felt happier working on their projects instead of socializing. With a mind that’s constantly buzzing, focus comes with creating something with your mind, you smart cookie.

6. You’ve Developed Perfect Adaptation Skills

You hear a gunshot, start tracking the direction, and compare it to the movements and screams of people around you. You remember where you were, where you’re going, and cross-reference it with all the newest, relevant information, then you adapt, decide, and act. In social settings, tact and diplomacy are adaptation measures for survival, perfectly attuned to handling what you need to.

7. Your Inner Dialogue Could Be a Book

Ever since you were young, that cliche quote, “You are the author of your own book. Now write this chapter,” circles in your mind. Memories, lyrics, passages, and what people have said to you ring in your mind no matter the year, time, or place. They wash throughout your mind throughout all the years…where your intelligence collects and organizes it all to make sense of the world.

If you’re thinking that some of these points apply to you, then welcome to the club.

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