Bubble Language School

About Us

The Bubble Back Story

Bubble Language School started operations in Thailand in 2013 with four university students pictured in the archive gallery. Around a plastic, foldable table, students learned how to group words together to form smoother communication both in listening and speaking.

As the years progressed, inventory and resources grew, along with becoming certified by the Ministry of Education as a language institute in operating in Bangkok, Thailand.

We are a new-age, log-cabin-school, built from grassroots funds and revolving profit and loss to create the sustainable system presented on our digital footprint.

Our teachers are multilingual and incredibly passionate about personal development. Certified from multiple nations, and internal QC’ed for accuracy and aptitude, our team and teachers thrive on growth.

Our classes are two main categories:

  1. Private online or face-to-face language [English or Thai] classes — one on one with an experienced teacher
  2. Group classes online & face to face

Find us and we’ll find you!  Let’s get some work done.

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